Tutorials and Invited Talks

  • NAACL-2021 tutorial on “Evaluation Metrics used in Natural Language Generation” (co-presented with Dr. Mitesh M. Khapra) Slides
  • Lecture on “Introduction to Neural Networks, Perceptrons, Multilayer perceptrons, Feedforward neural network” at ACM India Summer Schools 2022 Slides
  • Lecture on “AI in NLP” to introduce the concepts in a fun and relatable way to high school children Slides
  • Talk on “The Paradox of Progress in Automatic Text Generation: Balancing Advancements and Limitations” at Paradox’23, IIT Madras
  • Talk titled “A Deeper look at automatic scoring of Dialogue Responses” at the 11th RBCDSAI workshop on Recent progress in Data Science and AI